Thoughts from the Otherworld


Jenare Richille

Jenare Richille is an Elvaan from San d'Oria, the second son of his family. He was born to his mother Celese Richille and father Gervaine Richille on 22nd of November 864. His elder brother is called Triene Richille.
He has black shoulder-length hair and grey eyes, and is of middle height. He is protective of his loved ones and polite to a fault.
He has always harbored a liking of books detailing the lives of adventurers, and after his father died, he set out into the world. His first journey was to Windurst to meet his friend, Kii Kalira, who he first met in 883. However, unbeknownst to him, Kii had passed away and the person he met was her twin sister Rii Kalira pretending to be her. He has since discovered the truth of the matter, which has naturally brought some trouble.

Jenare is in Final Fantasy XI on the Midgarsormr server under the same name, and is played by Jami. He is the shell holder for the Mythopoeia linkshell. His journal can be found here, and other writings of his past here.

Rii Kalira

Rii Kalira is a Mithra from Windurst, and twin to Kii Kalira. They were born in late May of 867. She has white, pinkish hair and is rather short, with a temperament to match.
Rii first met Jenare when Kii got interested in meeting an Elvaan, and happened upon Jenare who was visiting Windurst at the time. However, she wasn't much interested herself and soon spurned their company to go fishing.
She started adventuring with Jenare while pretending to be Kii, although recently Jenare fount out her true identity.

Rii Kalira is in Final Fantasy XI on the Midgarsormr server under the screen-name Arivess. She is a sack for the Mythopoeia linkshell. Her journal is at Mirror Mirror.

Endahren Merchell

Endahren Merchell is an Elvaan from San d'Oria, although currently he lives in Bastok. He was born on the 15th of December 861 to his mother Felitte Merchell and father Guilboire Merchell. He has an older sister called Arienne Nedaurant, and is engaged to Ellanore Delouvien.
Endahren has short blond hair and is slightly taller than of middle height, not quite tall enough to be called tall by most other Elvaan. He's crafty and outgoing, and harbors a brotherly fondness for Jenare Richille. The two have known each other since they were children.

Endahren cannot be found in the game, but writings of his life can be found here.

Ellanore Delouvien

Ellanore Delouvien is a blonde, hazel-eyed Elvaan. She was born in San d'Oria on the first of August 865, and is currently engaged to Endahren Merchell. She's the youngest child of three.
While her family would rather she do otherwise and keep her personality in check, she is rather disinclined to sit around at home. After some quarrels over the subject, she had had enough and left home and San d'Oria to go adventuring.

Ellanore is on the Midgarsormr server with the same screen-name. Some writings of her life can be found here.


A young silver-haired Elvaan going by the name Nightingale. He refuses to give out his real name. He was born in San d'Oria on fourth of August 863, but moved to Jeuno when he was five. He lived there and made his living apprenticed to a bard called Peridaut, before moving back to San d'Oria in winter 881. From 884 to 885 he lived in Bastok.

His current motives and location are unknown. Some more of his life can be read here.

Companions and Family...

Note that the people listed below are mere supporting characters in the Mythopoeia continuity.

Arienne Nedaurant: An Elvaan woman from San d'Oria. Endahren Merchell's older sister. Is married to Vichuel Nedaurant, the two just had their first child. Her parents are Guilboire and Felitte Merchell.
Calvier Arandant: A red-headed Bastokan Elvaan. Live-in store helper for the Bastok branch of Merchell Daily. After Endahren leaves, the day-to-day running of the store will fall to him.
Celese Richille: A silver-haired Elvaan woman from San d'Oria. Daughter of a prominent tanner family, and widow of Gervaine Richille. Her maiden name was Delouvien. Has two living sons, Jenare and Triene. Cousin to Gjallaneux Delouvien.
Dennellen Delouvien: An Elvaan man from San d'Oria. The middle-child of the Delouvien family, older brother of Ellanore. His parents are Gjallaneux and Tirah Delouvien.
Felitte Merchell: An Elvaan woman from San d'Oria. Wife of Guilboire Merchell, mother of Arienne Nedaurant and Endahren.
Gervaine Richille: An Elvaan man from San d'Oria. Owner of Richille's Wares until he passed away in 884. Husband of Celese Richille, father of Jenare and Triene.
Gjallaneux Delouvien: A San d'Orian Elvaan. The current head of a family of prominent tanners. Married to Tirah Delouvien, father of three - Natasha, Dennellen and Ellanore Delouvien. Cousin to Celese Richille.
Grendel: A highly androgynous-looking black-haired Hume girl. Her real name is Gretel but she prefers not to use it. She now considers herself an adventurer, but used to hang around the pirates in Norg. Adventures with Ellanore Delouvien.
Grundan: A warrior-Galka from Bastok. Adventures with Ellanore Delouvien.
Guilboire Merchell: An aging Elvaan merchant, current owner of Merchell Daily. Has high hopes for his son Endahren. Married to Felitte Merchell, their oldest child is Arienne Nedaurant.
Irene Streiss: Calvier Arandant's girlfriend, a pretty chestnut-haired Bastok-born Hume girl.
Natasha Delouvien: An Elvaan woman from San d'Oria. Oldest sibling of Ellanore Delouvien. Her parents are Gjallaneux and Tirah Delouvien.
Ruri: A Bastokan Hume, a lover of arts. Father of Rii and Kii Kalira.
Tirah Delouvien: An Elvaan woman from San d'Oria. Wife of Gjallaneux Delouvien, mother of Natasha, Dennellen and Ellanore Delouvien.
Triene Richille: A silver-haired Elvaan, current owner of Richille's Wares in Northern San d'Oria. Lives above the shop with his mother Celese. His girlfriend is Yasmin Chantall. Older brother of Jenare Richille.
Vera Nedaurant: A golden-haired Elvaan woman from San d'Oria. Sister of Vichuel Nedaurant, and ex-girlfriend of Jenare.
Vichuel Nedaurant: An Elvaan man from San d'Oria. He is a worker at the port, and is married to Arienne Nedaurant. They have one child. His sister is Vera Nedaurant.
Yasmin Chantall: A pretty and young Elvaan girl from San d'Oria. Triene Richille's sweetheart.

Well Met, Stranger...

Note that unless otherwise specified, the people listed below are player characters from the Midgarsormr server.

Aladara: A long-time friend of Rii Kalira from Windurst. She's a red-headed Tarutaru mage and adventures with an Elvaan paladin. Jenare met her late in the year 885.
Crimthan: A Bastokan woodworker with no sense of adventure. Friends with Nightingale. One of Jami's mules.
Katanna: A fiery-headed Elvaan woman from San d'Oria Jenare and Rii met while adventuring around Valkurm Dunes in the spring of 885. Being a warrior, she was of great help. Seraph server.
Leghard: A dark-haired and near-sighted Hume adventurer from Bastok. Jenare and Rii met him in Bastok in late spring of 885, and traveled with him to San d'Oria. He brought much needed physical power to the small group for the journey. Seraph server.
Liili Chocola: A red-headed warrior Mithra from Windurst. A bit of a dreamer, and has a weird family. Met late autumn of 885. Liili in-game.
Lokh Kalira: Rii and Kii Kalira's adventurous mother. Left the twins to fend for themselves in Windurst while she went out to have fun. Has recently come back to Windurst and started pestering Rii about marriage and kittens. Simply called Lokh in-game, and played by Arivess.
Yintsotso: A San d'Orian culinary lover, a short Tarutaru with red hair. Long-time friend of Lokh Kalira.