Thoughts from the Otherworld

Old journal entries from Lost in Vana'diel have been listed below with no exact date, but they still conform to the chronological order of the list. Please note that the list below includes scenes not published at The Otherworld due to either their more mature content or bad quality of writing.

869-877 CE

Endahren: The Summer, the Goldfish, and the Girl (869/8/19)
Endahren: Girls Have Cooties (869/10/2)
Triene: Candy Dispenser (869/10/30)
Jenare: A Fated Meeting? (870/12/5)
Nightingale: Go Out and Advertise (872/10/31)
Triene: Out to Fish (875/6/12)

878-879 CE

Ellanore: The Way of the Sword (878/9/25)
Ellanore: The Way of the Bow (878/12/15)
Endahren: The Burden of Growing Up (878/12/15)
Ellanore: Something Beautiful (878/12/15)
Endahren: The Perfect Husband (878/12/15)
Endahren: A Fated Meeting, Again? (878/12/23)
Ellanore: Shine Bright for Me, Stars (878/12/25)
Jenare: Book Worms (879/4/20)
Endahren: How to Enchant a Boy (879/4/20)

880-881 CE

Nightingale: He's Just a Boy (880/3/13)
Nightingale: He's Just a Boy (After) (880/3/13)
Nightingale: Descending Darkness (880/3/14)
Nightingale: Descending Darkness (After) (880/3/14)
Nightingale: Where Ever Home Is, It Is Not Here (881/1/12)
Endahren: Why Must It Be? (881/2/14)
Endahren: Song of a Nightingale (881/2/14)
Endahren: Song of a Nightingale (After) (881/2/15)
Jenare: Thoughts of the Day After (Jenare Side) (881/2/15)
Endahren: Thoughts of the Day After (Endahren Side) (881/2/15)
Endahren: The Nightingale Sings Again (881/2/20)
Jenare: The Little Elvaan Doll (881/3/3)
Endahren: A Three-Way Problem (881/4/19)
Jenare: The Angel and the Devil (881/4/19)
Endahren: Cast Away from Happiness (881/5/21)
Jenare: The Wonders of a Foreign City (881/7/26)
Endahren: Chase the Rabbit (881/7/28)

882-883 CE

Ellanore: Sun Shines Over Still Waters (882/8/1)
Endahren: First Star of Hope (882/11/24)
Jenare: Arrival in Windurst (883/2/6)
Jenare: A New Day, A New City (883/2/7)
Jenare: Letter: To Kii Kalira (883/2/15)
Jenare: An Aftermath (883/7/14)
Jenare: Letter: To Kii Kalira (883/7/15)

884 CE

Calvier: Meeting Your Employer (884/8/10)
Endahren: A New Home, A New Port (884/8/10)
Nightingale: Meet You in the Land of Hope (884/8/10)
Endahren: Worries in the Night (884/8/10)
Endahren: One Goodbye Means Another Hello (884/9/1)
Jenare: Musings at the Desk (884/9/1)
Jenare: Letter: To Kii Kalira (884/9/1)
Endahren: The Merchant and His Bride (884/9/9)

885 CE

Jenare: Meet the Moogle (885/3/25)
Jenare: The Day of Setting Out (885/3/27)
Jenare: Letter: To Endahren Merchell (885/3/29)
Jenare: Out in the World
Endahren: Letter: To Ellanore Delouvien (885/4/23)
Jenare: Adventuring Life
Jenare: Echoes of the Past
Jenare: Letter: To Kii Kalira
Jenare: Cross-continental Travel
Jenare: A New World
Jenare: Letter: To Celese Richille
Jenare: The City of Humes
Jenare: Home Sweet Home
Jenare: Around San d'Oria
Jenare: Saving the Children
Jenare: Sleepwalking?
Ellanore: A Conversation with a Moogle (885/7/20)
Ellanore: Another Departure (885/8/1)
Ellanore: Letter: To Endahren Merchell (885/8/2)
Endahren: Celebrate the Passing Years (885/8/4)
Nightingale: Go Catch That Song (885/8/12)
Jenare: A Lull in Fighting
Jenare: The Dead Sail the Seas
Jenare: City by the Savannah
Ellanore: Chase the Pickpocket (885/10/15)
Jenare: The Harvest Festival, Day 1
Jenare: The Harvest Festival, Day 2
Jenare: But the Harvest Festival is Over (885/11/4)
Jenare: Blood of a Beastman and Other Stories (885/11/9)
Jenare: Memories of an Elder (885/11/16)
Jenare: Life and Everything in it
Jenare: Souls of the Miners
Jenare: Orcish Base of Davoi
Jenare: Marshlands of Pashhow
Jenare: The Windurst Consulate
Jenare: Hunting for the Right Scent
Jenare: Starlight Celebration
Ellanore: Starlight Tidings (Before) (885/12/26)
Ellanore: Starlight Tidings (After) (885/12/26)
Jenare: Jeuno, the Center of Commerce

886 CE

Jenare: Welcome the New Year
Jenare: Revival of the Shadow Lord?
Jenare: Valentione's Chocolates
Jenare: Deep in Ordelle's Caves
Jenare: Without Her Sister
Ellanore: Complicated Situations (886/3/5)
Jenare: Crystals of Life
Jenare: Rubies and Beasts 
Jenare: A Broken Bond (886/3/12)
Jenare: The Star Onion Brigade (886/3/14)
Jenare: Political Matters (886/3/18)
Jenare: Ruby of the Seven Lights (886/3/28)
Jenare: The Goblin Tailor (886/4/5)
Jenare: To Become a Knight (885/4/11)
Jenare: Eggs of Moogle Madness (886/4/16)
Jenare: The Village of Kazham (886/4/24)
Ellanore: To the Forsaken Mines (886/4/26)
Jenare: Sharp-fanged One of the Azure Bow (886/4/30)
Jenare: The Lonely Song of the Seas (886/5/8)
Jenare: Step to the Spotlight (886/5/16)
Jenare: Cavernous Maws (886/5/20)
Jenare: Beauty of the Kriegstanz (886/5/22)
Jenare: Goldsmithing Recruit (886/5/26)
Jenare: A Pest Problem (886/5/30)
Jenare: Vicious Ghosts (886/6/5)
Jenare: Physical Matters (886/6/14)
Jenare: Capital of the Dead (886/6/20)
Jenare: Jungle of the Mithra-kind (886/6/25)
Jenare: Forest of Glowing Stones (886/6/29)
Jenare: Birds and Undead (886/7/5)
Jenare: The Twins (886/7/6)
Jenare: Blood Lust (886/7/8)
Jenare: Darkness
Jenare: The Crystalline Pond of the Forest
Ellanore: To Become Stronger (886/7/18)
Jenare: Heat and the Pretend War
Ellanore: Memories of the Goldfish (886/8/??)
Jenare: The Black Death
Jenare: The White Dunes and the Mithra
Jenare: Head East
Jenare: Whitegate, Capital of the West
Jenare: Blue Blood
Jenare: Heal the Wounds
Jenare: Corsairs of Caederva
Jenare: Face Her Wrath
Ellanore: Wounds of the Past (886/9/6)
Jenare: Soul of the Beast
Ellanore: The Underground Maze (886/9/7)
Ellanore: The Twin Wyverns (886/9/8)
Ellanore: The Order of the Dragoons (886/9/11)
Jenare: The Holy Crest
Jenare: The Tower of Delkfutt
Jenare: The Bonds Between Friends
Jenare: The Lost Girl
Jenare: The Schultz School of Tactics
Jenare: The Grimoires and the Long Journey
Jenare: Past Conflicts
Jenare: About Time
Jenare: The Dragon and a Broken Mirror
Jenare: The Closed Tunnel
Jenare: The Hidden Pirates
Jenare: To Forge a Sword
Jenare: The Divine Crafts