Thoughts from the Otherworld


Introduction to the Otherworld

The Otherworld. A collection of scenes, pieces of writing and pictures from Vana'diel, the world of Square-Enix's MMORPG Final Fantasy XI.

The Otherworld includes the following sections.

Home: An introduction page
Lost in Vana'diel: An account of an adventurer's life directly from his journal, detailing the life of a certain Jenare Richille
Memories: A collection of scenes and letters from the early life of Jenare Richille and his family
Until It's Gone: Tells the story of Endahren Merchell, from his childhood up to the present
With White Wings: A combined account of the lives of Ellanore Delouvien and Nightingale
Characters: Introductions to the story-specific characters found within these pages. NPCs from the game are not included
Chapter Index: A chronological list of all the scenes written by Jami in the Mythopoeia continuity

Introduction to the Author

The Otherworld is maintained by Jami, who is frequently also known as irreversibly.

He is a free-minded individual from Finland, and also quite attached to the Final Fantasy series. From this liking grew his ventures to Vana'diel, and the eventual forming of the in-game RP and stories detailed in these pages.


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